How can I request a refund?

Digital Architect is dedicated to providing the most complete and comprehensive Architecture Materials and Deliverables for your personal or enterprise needs.

100% Money Back Guarantee - Digital Architect has been successful in obtaining a very high success rate and our customers are rarely required to exercise this Guarantee Policy. However, if the registered user of Digital Architect doesn’t like the materials and deliverables within 15 days of submission and closure, and contacts Digital Architect to claim this guarantee, then the purchase fee will be refunded in full.

To claim your refund, please use our Contact Us page and send the request.

Digital Architect will arrange the refund within 7 days after receiving the email and confirming all of the details! There is ABSOLUTELY NO RISK!

What is Free Architecture consulting means?

Digital Architect Online is encouraging user to ask architecture related questions for free for certain period of time. It allows user to request Architecture questions for free, if these are simple to medium complexity and straightforward questions.

How quickly the architecture is assigned for my problem?

Usually Architects are standby and able to help you as quickly. Due to nature of questions, we are suggesting 2 hours window to assign architects for your problem.

If I would like to use the company account for payment, how we could work as corporate?

We encourage Company to use our services for its architecture needs. If you would like to us to invoice you for the services, please do select "Bill To Customer" functionality during discussion with Architect in Message window. This will allow us to send you Invoice to your mail id. This can be billed to you or your company.

Is it one company one account?

Currently we have one user one account and these are tied to user not to the Company. If you are seeking help from the company standpoint, please do send mail to info@digitalarchitectonline.com

How does Digital Architect Online charge?

Digital Architect Online charge user based on the time spent by the architect to formulate and provide you the solution, you are looking for. Typically, every hour is $50. Example: if you deliverable requires 6 hours of effort, it charges $300.